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Vinitech Sifel 2018

Once again we will be present at Vinitech Sifel, the international exhibition for wine, fruit and vegetable industry.
Visit us from 20 to 22 November at Hall 3 Stand C0209, and discover our technological solutions for the wine sector.




Grape selection, an important production phase for a good wine



Between manual and automatic sorting systems, let’s see how Enoveneta’ technologies integrates as best even in this production phase

One of the first phases of grape processing is the sorting. The main purpose is to remove all the foreign bodies from grapes, commonly known as MOG (Material Other than Grapes), like vegetable residuals, insects, inert pieces, rocks or metal pieces. During this phase good grapes are separated from the others.

Grape selection can be carry out with two different technologies: manual selection systems, where operators do the sorting manually, and automatic selection systems, where foreign bodies are mechanically separated.


Manual selection systems

Manual selection systems are simple devices that arrange the product uniformly keeping it moving in front of the operators, that manually remove foreign bodies. Between these systems we have vibrating tables (TVC) and grape selection belts (NC).

TVC vibrating tables are completely built in AISI 304 stainless steel, with adjustable legs. They have also a dripping mesh and a collection basin.

Enoveneta’ NC grape selection belts, are built in AISI 304 stainless steel with PVC belt. They have also a liquid collection tank, a scraper, a mechanical speed variator and an adjustable chassis with wheels.

Both products can be combined with dosing tables TVC and grape conveyor belts NE.

Enoveneta lineeselezione006


Grapesort, a new automatic grape sorting system

Enoveneta offers a new automnatic grape sorting system, Grapesort, a roller selection table that can be placed directly under the destemmer-crusher. Thanks to its adjustable rubber rollers, Grapesort allow to send “clean” grapes to the next working phases, without green parts which compromise the product quality.

Grapesort is completely built in AISI 304 stainless steel with food safe adjustable rubber rollers and is complete of stainless steel chute and adjustable legs. Is available in two versions, Grapesort 600 and 900, and it fits with Enoveneta’ TOP series destemmer-crushers.


Grapesort-600 TOP-15

Enoveneta & SEAM for the Australian wine market

AtzesCornerWines 4



A great partnership with SEAM, our South Australia distributor, and a pneumatic press with closed tank of 100 hl sold in Borussa Valley


Australian winemakers say it takes a lot of beer to make great wine. It also takes a lot of high quality steel, engineering and manufacturing – and that’s where Barossa Valley family business Stainless Engineering & Maintenance (SEAM) rises to the challenge

SEAM is a dynamic young business company specialized on design and manufacturing of tanks, pipe works, structural steel, stair and catwalks for food and pharmaceutical industry. Also, they are now Enoveneta’s official distributor for South Australia.

Enoveneta is a leading wine equipment company from over 50 years, with a worldwide network of dealers. Lot of famous wineries all over the world choses Enoveneta’ technologies, from St Emillion in France, to Mendoza in Argentina and Napa Valley in California.

John Evans, SEAM CEO, says: “Despite its presence in Australia for about 20 years, only today with SEAM, Enoveneta has estabilished a solid and reliable partnership for the distribution of its technologies in South Australia. We think we’re on a winner and we look forward to introducing more winemakers to this quality technology”.


Atze’s Corner: a 100 hl pneumatic press for one of the most admired Barossa Valley wineries

SEAM has newly installed a pneumatic press PPA 100 at Atze’s Corner Wines in Nuriootpa, run by six-generation Barossa winemaker Andy Kalleske, whose wine heritage dates back to 1847.

Atze’s Corner has grown up a lot in recent years, growing from 100 to 500 tonnes of grape production. The winemaker Rayan Johns was in Bordeaux looking for a large second hand press for making winery processing more efficient. Ryan saw an AD for an Enoveneta press and made enquiries. John Evans got in touch and after some weeks he got an order for a 100 hl press with open tank. “Then the problem was to have it installed for the vintage, but thanks to SEAM we got the press installed in time” says Ryan.

“I was initially sceptical because I didn’t know much about Enoveneta” says Ryan “but now we’re really happy, it’s a good press and it performed well. It’s not a big clunky thing that makes a heap of noise – unlike some of the presses I’ve worked with. It’s reliable. It’ was a really good investment.”.

The service was as important to Atze’s Corner as the press itself. “The whole thing has been a very smooth process. The service from John and his guys has been really good. They provided quick answers and were flexible with changes we wanted. It’s worked out well. It was a good find. And of course it helps having John and the team so close to us”.


AtzesCorner 1  AtzesCorner 2


Sparkling wines filtration: a solution by Enoveneta

Sparkling Wine


From the harvesting of grapes to the selection and separation with destemmer-crushers, from the pressing to the transportation with pumps, from the filtration to the refrigeration, Enoveneta can provide all the technologies for the wine making process.


One of our technologies are the cross flow filters that offer lot of advantages. The cross flow filtration is a “membrane” process, that's because the product pass through special capillary membranes that can separate solids, giving a clear product that can be bottled. Cross flow filters work without filtration adjuvants and they keep the product’ organoleptic characteristics intact.

The Enoveneta’ cross flow filters CF are expandables and fully automatic. Also, an isobaric version for sparkling wines is available. Using the PLC the customer can easily set up all the working phases (filtration, washing and membrane conservation). Our CF filters are available with 16 to 256 sqm of filtering surface and with 500 to 12.000 lt/h of flow rate.



Enoveneta pneumatic presses, high end technology for wine making


Enoveneta gallery9


The pressing process have to respect the solid parts of the grape, avoiding stalk laceration, grapeseed damage or any oxidation phenomena. This for both white and red wine making, and make the pressing one of the most important phases of wine production.


For the pressing phase Enoveneta provide a wide range of pneumatic presses, with open cylinder (PPA) and closed cylinder (PPC). Our presses are designed to give the customer always an high quality must with an excellent flexibility of use.

Also, the membrane extension over all the cylinder' surface and a software that can optimize all the working phases allows to have always a uniform and complete pressing, regardless of grape quantity.

All Enoveneta pneumatic presses are built in stainless steel AISI 304 and are provided with a PLC that can manage all the working phases, with pre-installed programs or custom programs. Our presses are avaiable in many sizes, from 0.9 to 43 tons of loaded product.


Enoveneta Pressechiuse003Enoveneta Presseaperte001


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