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Grapesort is a horizontal table with rubber rollers for the selection of destemmed grapes that allows to send clean grape berries to the next stages of wine processing without green parts such as pieces of stalks or leaves, which compromise the product quality.
The rollers distance can be easily adjusted by a lever. The outlet of the grape berries is provided with a stainless steel chute suitable for any Enoveneta pump with hopper or in alternative for the Enoveneta crushing units model “Pigia-select”.
The frame, made entirely in stainless steel AISI 304, is adjustable in height and provided with wheels complete with brake for an easy placement.
Grapesort is avaiable in two versions: Grapesort 600 for coupling with destemmers TOP 5/10/15 and Grapesort model 900 for stand-alone application. Grapesort can be easily managed by an electrical control panel according to CE standards.



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