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The main objective of cross-flow filtration is to clarify the product in a single step, eliminating any subsequent filtrations or treatments. In cross-flow filters this occurs by making the liquid to be filtered flow parallel to the filter medium. Our ENOFLEX cross-flow filters have been designed to guarantee high performance while maintaining reduced consumption and dimensions. The range includes models with different filtering surfaces in order to adapt to any production need.

Characteristics of Enoveneta
ENOFLEX crossflow filters


  • Semi-automatic functioning (water unloading and loading operations are manual).
  • 7″ touch screen.
  • Filtering surface up to 60 m².


  • Fully automatic funcitioning.
  • 12″ touch screen.
  • Filtering surface up to 300 m².
  • Possibility to expand the filtering surface with one or more filtering modules.

Advantages of Enoveneta crossflow filters


Crossflow filtration with capillary membranes, allow to clarify the product without filtering aids.


Possibility to expand the filtering surface. Many models with different flow rates.


Specific and automatic (on ENOFLEX PRO) washing programs.


State of the art software that allows a complete control of the filter. Remote control and Industry 4.0.


Enoveneta crossflow filters are used by numerous Italian and international customers. Get in touch to find out about our projects and receive a complete information package on filtering technologies.

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