Product storage and fermentation

Customized product storage solutions

The stainless steel tanks are used during the diverse winemaking phases. Enoveneta offers various models in different sizes to suit the needs of each and every customer. Our product range includes always-full tanks for product storage and winemakers. Each model can be customized with different accessories, and integrated with temperature control systems.

Characteristics of Enoveneta tanks

Variable capacity tanks

  • Available with capacity up to 200 hl.
  • Stainless steel floating lifting arm.
  • Partial and total unloading with stainless steel valve.
  • Sampling tap.

Storage tanks

  • Available with capacity up to 500 hl.
  • Upper closure.
  • Conical or rounded bottom.
  • Refrigeration pockets.

Fermenting tanks

  • Available with capacity up to 500 hl.
  • Conical upper bottom.
  • Inclined lower bottom.
  • Upper manhole.
  • Rectangular flush hatch.

Advantages of Enoveneta tanks


Entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel.


Diverse models and capacities to adapt to each and every need.


Great attention in the choice of raw materials and quality of processing and assembly.

Temp. control

Refrigeration pockets and probes for temperature control.


Enoveneta tanks are used by numerous Italian and international customers. Get in touch to find out about our projects and receive a complete information package on product storage technology.

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