Winemaking technologies

In an area of 40,000 square metres, Enoveneta designsproduces and markets
 the most advanced technological solutions for managing the modern winemaking process, from grape reception to selectiondestemmingpressingpumpingfiltration and refrigeration
Today, Enoveneta can manage any type of project, from the design of winemaking plants
 right through to the commissioning and implementation
 of all necessary technologies.


Enoveneta offers various grape reception solutions, from different harvest trailers models to custom conveyor hoppers.


Enoveneta offers a complete selection line that allows the customer to select only the very best product for subsequent processing.


Enoveneta offers a range of destemmers with processing rates from 5 to 120 tons per hour, suitable for processing delicate grapes, adaptable to different varieties.


Enoveneta offers various pump solutions adaptable to any winemaking stage, such as elliptical rotor pumps, Mohno pumps, flexible rubber impellerslobe pumps, and peristaltic pumps.


For the pressing phase, Enoveneta offers a series of technological solutions, ranging from hydraulic presses to pneumatic presses, both with open and closed drum. In addition, various solutions are also available for marc conveyance.

Clarification and filtration

Enoveneta offers various clarification and filtration solutions, focused on ease of useproduct quality and certainty of results.

Refrigeration and
heat exchange

Enoveneta offers various solutions for controlling the fermentation and storage temperatures, lowering must temperatures, and stabilizing wines.

Storage and

Enoveneta offers various storage and fermentation tanks of different sizes, suitable for every need. All storage facilities are made to measure according to customer specifications.

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