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Enoveneta produces a wide range of destemmers, with hourly capacity from 5 to 120 tons. TOP destemmers have been designed to adapt to diverse processing needs, as per the type and ripeness of the grapes. Specific measures have also been used to facilitate the processing of mechanically harvested grapes. Each model has been designed to guarantee fast and and effective maintenance and cleaning of the machine, while the wide choice of options allows to adapt the machine to each and any customer need.

Characteristics of Enoveneta
TOP destemmers

TOP 5-10-15-25

  • Perforated cylinder with 25/22, 22/22 or 22/18 holes.
  • Speed variator for auger dosing screw and destemmer.
  • Hourly processing capacity up to 26 tons.

TOP 40-60-80-120

  • Perforated cylinder with 30/25 or 25/22 holes.
  • Pressing/no pressing device.
  • Hourly processing capacity up to 120 tons.

Advantages of Enoveneta’s destemmers


Entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel.


Opening hood with beater shaft and removable cylinder. Cylinder washing system.


Beater shaft with adjustable rungs, able to adapt to different types of grapes.


Electronic speed variation.


Enoveneta TOP destemmers are used by numerous Italian and international customers. Get in touch to find out about our projects and receive a complete information package on destemming technology.

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