A story with an ancient taste, laying on Majella hills

From over 60 years, Cantina Frentana brings its passion in viticulture through its products, using innovative and environmentally friendly techniques and technologies.

Cantina Frentana is located at Rocca San Giovanni, in Chieti province. Vines here are cultivate from over 2000 years thanks to the optimal weather that we can find in this particular geographic position.

The winery starts in 1958 thanks to a group of vine growers that want to make wine and store it in order to sell it to bottlers later. During the years, the winery has grown and now sells wine directly, on national and international market. Today Cantina Frentana has 500 members and more than 850 hectares of vineyards.

Cantina Frentana uses an environmentally friendly viticulture and year after year they’re changing their production to a biological one. Vinification is made in stainless steel tanks with thermoregulation system, but wines with an high structure are refined in oak barrels or french oak barriques and then in bottle.

The winery sells over 900.000 bottles in Italy and in many foreign countries like: USA, Denmark, Sweden and Japan. The remaining production is sell to renown bottler companies.

Some of Cantina Frentana top wines are Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC Panarda and Donna Greta Pecorino IGT.

Enoveneta for Cantina Frentana

With our local dealer Enoleader, we’ve supplied to Cantina Frentana many technologies for both destemming and pressing phase. Initially we’ve supplied a pneumatic press PPC-250 and a destemmer-crusher TOP-60. The PPC-250 press have a capacity of 250 hectoliters and is complete of a PLC that can manage each production phase. The TOP-60 destemmer-crusher, with its mohno pump, have an hourly output of 60 ton/h.

Cantina Frentana have chosen us again for the 2019 harvest. They’ve commisioned us another TOP-60 destemmer-crusher with mohno pump. This solution allow the winery to improve their production capacity, always having high quality standards.