Parco del Venda: The art of Wine

50 hectares of vineyards on “Doc” zone of Regional Park of Euganean Hills, and a continuous improvement on both technological and production area in order to have always a better product.

Parco del Venda Winery began in 1972 in Vò in Padua province, inside the Regional Park of Euganean Hills. The company works a total surface of 90 hectares, 50 hectares from their vineyards and 40 from grapes brought from local suppliers.

“We produce 350.000 bottles/year splitted in 18 labels – said Michael Toniolo, Owner of Parco del Venda Winery – some of our high-end products are the Boccon Riserva, a Cabernet that ages 2 years in barriques, the Pinello, a white local wine produced usig inert technologies and a new wine from resistant varietals.

The 80% of the wine production is for the Italian market, while the remaining 20% is mainly for Switzerland, Austria, Germany and the Balkans. Vietnam and United States are the next big bets for the export. Parco del Venda from 3 years has banned the copper from its treatments and is continuing to invest on research and quality, in both vineyard and winery. This allowed us to achieve great results on final product quality terms.

The choice of a inert pressing system

On a perspective of a continuous improvement, Parco del Venda choose Enoveneta as technological partner for the vinification phase. “We have supplied many technologies to Parco del Venda – said Oenologist Filippo Lenardon, Area Manager of Enoveneta – the most important are: the 40 ton/h destemmer-crusher TOP-40 with electropolished cylinder and beating shaft, two 70 hectoliters pneumatic presses PPC-70-PLUS both with automatic washing system”.

For the pressing phase Parco del Venda choose a standard pneumatic press with closed cylinder, and a paired one with a inert gas injection system that allows to work without oxygen. Pressing using inert gas like nitrogen allow to have high quality musts, completely protected from enzymatic oxydations during pre-fermentative phase. Also, this solution allow an optimal extraction of the active organoleptic compounds and antioxidants located on grapes skin.

Advantages of Enoveneta presses

“We had many advantages from Enoveneta’ presses – said Vincenzo Mutta, Production Manager of Parco del Venda – first of all the cleaning, when you arrive in the morning you have the certianty that the presses are 100% cleaned.

Cleaning the press between each pressing cycle is an important phase in order to have high quality musts. This is why Enoveneta have designed an automatic washing system that use only high pressure water and air to clean all the surfaces in contact with grapes and must. This system remove all the residuals from previous working phases, keeping low the risk of contamination. “The second advantage is the ease of use of the presses, they can be used by anyone” – conclude Vincenzo Mutta.

Enoveneta because…

“We’ve choosed Enoveneta for many reasons – said Michael Toniolo – the first one is because it’s an Italian company. The second one is because during the years they’ve met all our needs, they’ve provided us high quality technologies and the possibility to customize them”Everyday Enoveneta work hard to give always avant-garde technologies. This allow us to take care of each customer for any project, just like Parco del Venda.