Don Guerino: a modern winery with cutting edge technologies

One of the most beautiful wineries in Brazil well known by its high quality wines, its architecture and the beautiful landscape around the company

Don Guerino story starts in 1879 when Guerino Motter came on south of Brazil from Italy. At the beginning the company sold its grapes to the big wineries of Brazil. In the 2000 the Motter family decided to start the production of its own wine. So they’ve commissioned the construction of a new modern winery with the best winemaking technologies in order to produce high quality wines.

Now Don Guerino have 55 hectares of vineyards at 450 meters height. Also the company sell its wines in Brazil and many countries like: USA, UK, Germany and Austria. Don Guerino cultivate French vines like Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot, Italian vines like Moscato Giallo and Teroldego, but also two Argentinian vines: the Malbec and the Torrontés.

Thanks to an accurate grape selection and the latest winemaking technologies, Don Guerino produce some of the best Brazilian wines.

Enoveneta for Don Guerino

The customer wanted to use the best technologies for each production phase. For this reason they have chosen Enoveneta as technological partner. With our Brazilian dealer, Enobrasil, we’ve supplied to Don Guerino all the needed technologies.

For the grape destemming and crushing we’ve supplied a destemmer-crusher TOP-15 with electropolished beating shaft and cylinder. This model have an hourly output of 15 ton/h and is paired with a peristaltic pump PEV-150.

Regarding the pressing phase we’ve supplied a pneumatic press with inert gas injection system PPC-70-N2. This model have a capacity of 70 hl and it’s complete of: automatic washing system, flexible impeller pump T80 on board, electropolished draining channels and nitrogen generator. Also, like all of our pneumatic presses, it’s equipped with a PLC that can manage each working phase.

Lastly, Don Guerino have chosen us also for the filtering and bottling equipment. We’ve supplied a crossflow filter CF-48, with 3 filtering modules and 48 sqm of filtering surface, a press filter FRP-400×400 with 40 plates, a microfiltration plant and a bottling plant with an hourly output of 1200 bottles/h of sparkling wine and 2300 bottles/h of still wine.