Grape selection, an important production phase for a good wine

Between manual and automatic sorting systems, let’s see how Enoveneta’ technologies integrates as best even in this production phase.

One of the first phases of grape processing is the sorting. The main purpose is to remove all the foreign bodies from grapes, commonly known as MOG (Material Other than Grapes), like vegetable residuals, insects, inert pieces, rocks or metal pieces. During this phase good grapes are separated from the others.

Grape selection can be carry out with two different technologies: manual selection systems, where operators do the sorting manually, and automatic selection systems, where foreign bodies are mechanically separated.

Manual selection systems

Manual line with: TVD dosing table, NC grape selection belt and NE conveyor belt

Manual selection systems are simple devices that arrange the product uniformly keeping it moving in front of the operators, that manually remove foreign bodies. Between these systems we have vibrating tables (TVC) and grape selection belts (NC).

TVC vibrating tables are completely built in AISI 304 stainless steel, with adjustable legs. They have also a dripping mesh and a collection basin.

Enoveneta’ NC grape selection belts, are built in AISI 304 stainless steel with PVC belt. They have also a liquid collection tank, a scraper, a mechanical speed variator and an adjustable chassis with wheels.

Both products can be combined with dosing tables TVC and grape conveyor belts NE.

Grapesort, a new automatic grape sorting system

Automatic line with: Grapesort, NE conveyor belt, PEV peristaltic pump and TOP destemmer-crusher

Enoveneta offers a new automatic grape sorting system, Grapesort, a roller selection table that can be placed directly under the destemmer-crusher. Thanks to its adjustable rubber rollers, Grapesort allow to send “clean” grapes to the next working phases, without green parts which compromise the product quality.

Grapesort is completely built in AISI 304 stainless steel with food safe adjustable rubber rollers and is complete of stainless steel chute and adjustable legs. Is available in two versions, Grapesort 600 and 900, and it fits with Enoveneta’ TOP series destemmer-crushers.