Sparkling wines filtration: a solution by Enoveneta

From the harvesting of grapes to the selection and separation with destemmer-crushers, from the pressing to the transportation with pumps, from the filtration to the refrigeration, Enoveneta can provide all the technologies for the wine making process.

One of our technologies are the cross flow filters that offer lot of advantages. The cross flow filtration is a “membrane” process, that’s because the product pass through special capillary membranes that can separate solids, giving a clear product that can be bottled. Cross flow filters work without filtration adjuvants and they keep the product’ organoleptic characteristics intact.

The Enoveneta’ cross flow filters CF are expandables and fully automatic. Also, an isobaric version for sparkling wines is available. Using the PLC the customer can easily set up all the working phases (filtration, washing and membrane conservation). Our CF filters are available with 16 to 256 sqm of filtering surface and with 500 to 12.000 lt/h of flow rate.