Destemming, the starting point of a good wine

Destemming is one of the first vinification phases, here grapes coming form vines are carried to the destemmer-crusher units that allow to separate grape from stalk

This operation is performed before the crushing phase and it’s very important because allows to remove lot of water and tannins that are inside the stalks.

The working principle is very simple, grapes are load into the hopper and carry inside an holed stainless steel, or polyethylene, cylinder, where a beating shaft can detach grapes from stalks. Now the product is sent to the crushing phase, that may be carry out by the same machine.

Enoveneta’ solutions

With over 50 years of experience in wine industry, Enoveneta produce a wide range of destemmer-crushers, with different hourly output from 5 to 120 tons/hour.

All Enoveneta “TOP” destemmer-crushers are built in stainless steel and are designed to meet all the working needs, according to different grape verietals and different harvest conditions. Also the TOP series are designed for both hand-picked and machine-harvested grapes.

Each model is designed to make cleaning and maintenance very simple. A complete line of accessories is available to meet all the customer needs.