Passion & Technology for a premium product

Corona del Valle is a young winery but it was able to create high quality wines that won many awards, in just few years

Corona del Valle starts in 2009 when Hector Corona and his family decided to enter the winemaking industry. Today the winery have 14 he of vineyards with the possibility to expand the production in the future. Now there are 8 grape varietals: Tempranillo, Malbec, Sangiovese, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Nebbiolo.

Jac Cole, Corona del Valle winemaker, said that: “Corona del Valle is always working hard to create excellent products and this lead us to win many awards”.

Corona del Valle Rosado
Corona del Valle “Rosado”

The core product of the winery, that have won many awards during the years, is a Tempranillo and Nebbiolo blend. Also, it was listed into the wine list of The French Laundry, a famous restaurant in Napa Valley.

“Obiuvsly, in order to produce premium wines we need to use the best winemaking technologies”, tell us Jac, “that’s why we choose Enoveneta for the supply of grape receiving and grape pressing technologies”.

Enoveneta for Corona del Valle

With the support of our distributor Larson Irrigation, we’ve supplied to Corona del Valle all the grape receiving and grape pressing technologies.

Corona del Valle - Enoveneta
Corona del Valle – Receiving & pressing line

For the receiving line we’ve supplied a destemmer-crusher TOP-10, with an hourly output of 12 ton/h, a selection belt and a crushing unit PIGIASELECT.

The pressing line is composed by a pneumatic press with open cylinder PPA-26. This model can process up to 6 tons of destemmed/crushed grapes.

Lastly, we’ve supplied a peristaltic pump with hopper PEV-150. This model have an hourly output of 10 ton/h with destemmed-crushed grapes and is used for loading the press quickly without damaging the product.