Enoveneta pneumatic presses, high end technology for wine making

The pressing process have to respect the solid parts of the grape, avoiding stalk laceration, grapeseed damage or any oxidation phenomena. This for both white and red wine making, and make the pressing one of the most important phases of wine production.

For the pressing phase Enoveneta provide a wide range of pneumatic presses, with open cylinder (PPA) and closed cylinder (PPC). Our presses are designed to give the customer always an high quality must with an excellent flexibility of use.

One of the advantages of Enoveneta’ presses is the cleaning. Each model is designed to made the washing phase simple, even during the harvest. This allow the producers to press white and red grapes in the same day avoiding any contamination.

Another advantage is the shape of our draining channels. In fact our trapezoidal draining channels facilitate the product draining avoiding the clogging.

Also, thanks to our press managing software, the operator can program any working phase of the machine. In particular the operator can set: rotations, pressing times, draining times and keeping the tank rotation off during the working phase, this is a useful option for champenoise method winemakers.

All Enoveneta pneumatic presses are built in stainless steel AISI 304 and are provided with a PLC that can manage all the working phases, with pre-installed programs or custom programs. This guarantee a uniform and complete pressing, regardless of grape quantity.

Enoveneta’ pneumatic presses are avaiable in many sizes, from 0.9 to 43 tons of loaded product. Each model can be customized with many accessories such as: automatic washing system or the nitrogen injection system. This flexibility allow us to “tailor” our technologies around the customer, giving the best solution for every needs.