High tech solutions for product transferring

Peristaltic pumps are particular volumetric pumps that brings lot of advantages on oenological field. This type of pumps is used for the tranferring of must, still wine, sparkling wine, whole grape and destemmed grape

One of the main advantages of peristaltic pumps is to keep the product away from mechanical parts of the pump in order to avoid oxidations, unwanted suspensions and bacterial contaminations. Also, the product is gently transferred, without crushing grape seeds for example. Also, with this type of pumps, it is possible to transfer sparkling wines without vanishing the carbon dioxide inside them.

Enoveneta offers a wide range of peristaltic pumps that fits all needs. All the pumps of the PEV series are built in AISI 304 stainless steel, with one or two rotors with rollers mounted on bearings. All models are provided with control panel with reverse option, speed regulator, expansion vessel and AISI 304 stainless steel stand.

PEV peristaltic pumps are available with or without hopper and with different flow rates: from 6 to 56 ton/h.