Vignalta, passion and love for wine

An excellence wine production into the first natural park in Veneto region

A fine wines production of DOC “Colli Euganei” and DOCG “Fior d’Arancio” denominations admired all over the world, in the natural background of the Euganean Hills.

The Euganean Hills are born from several volcanic eruptions. They are also famous because the first Italian Bordeaux-style wines born here. In 1870, in fact, Corinaldi Counts have brought to Lispida – Italy – the first Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc vines.

The area is mainly hill and producers could choose the right terrain for each type of vine in order to stand out their specific qualities. Depending on the “more or less fresh” exposure, the oenological choice change from grapes for still wines or sparkling wines on North exposure terrains, to grapes for sweet wines on sunny sides. This, and also a volcanic draining terrain with lot of minerals and microelements, makes the Euganean Hills a perfect place for fine wines production.

One of the most important, and worldwide known, wine producer of Euganean Hills is Vignalta.

Vignalta starts in 1980 thanks to the intuition of Lucio Gomiero. His main goal, as he say, is “to spread the well drinking culture, to impart the origin of our wines, the relevance of our territory. It’s the passion that lead us”. Vignalta made this not only choosing the right vine for each terrain, but also using innovative vinification techniques.

Gemola Colli Euganei Rosso DOC

Vignalta produces white wines, red wines and sweet wines. “One of our best product is the Gemola Colli Euganei Rosso DOC, produced with Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes grown on our vineyard on Mount Gemola. The particular volcanic terrain give the vine balance also in dry years”, said Lucio, “The other cru is the Arquà, that grow in Arquà Petrarca area. Here the terrain is very calcareous, it was the sea bottom that risen up with volcanic eruptions. This type of terrain is very poor and give us a wine with a great concentration”. Products of Vignalta winery had won many national and international awards. The most important is certainly that won by the Fior d’Aarancio Passito Alpianæ. This sweet wine won the gold medal in the “Muscat du Monde” award in France in 2014 as the “Best Sweet Wine in the World”.

The Vignalta Project

Filippo Lenardon, Enoveneta’ Area manager, has followed up the entire project with our technical staff. They have supported the customer during the selection of the best technologies for each production phase and later on the project designing, manufacturing and start-up.

Federico Tietto, Production Manager at Vignalta

“One of Vignalta needs was to work in small spaces” says Federico Tietto, Production Manager at Vignalta, “and Enoveneta has studied and realized the whole grape pressing line with marc unloading according to our needs”.

For Vignalta, Enoveneta has designed and realized: the grape receiving line, with a conveyor hopper for the red grapes; the pressing line, with a pneumatic press PPC-70 PLUS, a marc conveyor and a grape belt elevator; lastly all the accessory technologies such as a flexible impeller pump T60 and an elliptical rotor pump EVP.
Lucio explain us how Vignalta manage the grape receiving during the harvest: “We receive white grapes in boxes and we put them directly into the press, then the must is cold decanted without enzymes. We produce white wines and sparkling wines with this method. Red grapes comes into the hopper where it’s crushed and transferred into the fermentation tanks”.

Enoveneta pressing line, high end technology for an excellent product

Pneumatic press PPC-70 PLUS

The core of the Vignalta project is the pressing line. Here we have a pneumatic press PPC-70 PLUS. With its 70 Hl capacity can process up to 5.2 tons of whole grape or 20 tons of destemmed grape.

One of the strength point of Enoveneta’ pneumatic presses is the cleaning. Every model is designed to be easly cleaned during the harvest, and about that Federico says: “One of the main need of our winery is to press white grapes in the morning and maybe red grapes in the afternoon, or vice versa, and in these situations the cleaning of the press is very important. That because we don’t want any type of contamination. About the cleaning, in fact, we’ve a very good product because thanks to the external connections for the draining channels cleaning and the easily placement of the operator into the cylinder, the press is always be cleaned accurately”.

Enoveneta’ trapezoidal draining channels

Another advantage is about the structure of the draining channels. This is confirmed by Federico as he said: “We’ve took many advantages from these draining channels. They’re trapezoidal and facilitate the draining avoiding the clogging”.

Also, the ease of use of the Enoveneta presses management software, allow the operator to program each working phase of the machine. This allow the operator to set: rotations, pressing times and draining times. Lastly, the possibility of not rotate the press is a useful option for champenoise method wine producers.

Today the market doesn’t ask only for a single product but it request customizations and a complete service. Enoveneta, with projects like Vignalta, prove that it’s the best technological partner for its customers. We’re able to manage any wine producer, from the small winery to the big industrial plants.