Vinicola Aurora: the biggest Brazilian winery

Over the years it has became a reference point for the Brazilian wine production and now has more than 1100 members

The story of Vinicola Aurora starts in the 1875 when some migrants from North Italy came in Brazil. They setteled down in Serra Gaúcha, in the South of Brazil, and they found a weather and a terroir similar to their birth country. So, they started growing vineyards and producing wine based on their tradition.

In 1931 a group of 16 wine producers decided to work together creating the biggest cooperative of this kind in Brazil. Today Vinicola Aurora have more than 1100 members, a product range of over 10 different brands and an yearly production of over 55 millions kilograms of grapes. Also, Vinicola Aurora exports its products (wines, grape juices and coolers) in over 20 countries in the world.

Research & Technology

Vinicola Aurora aims for the research and the use of avant-garde technologies for their wine production. That’s why the company have a research department that every year tests new kind of working methods with new yeasts and enzymes. Also, the company have used always the best winemaking technologies.

For that reason Vinicola Aurora is growing year after year and now is a reference point in Brazil and all over the world. And this continuous development show no sign of decreasing. Vinicola Aurora opened a new production unit of 24.000 sqm that will reach within 2021 a production of 40.000 bottles/hour.

Enoveneta for Vinicola Aurora

With our Brazilian dealer Enobrasil, we’ve estabilished a solid partnership with Vinicola Aurora. We’ve supplied several technologies that helped with the increasing production capacity while keeping high quality standards on the final product.

During the last 4 years we’ve realized many destemming lines, for a total of 8 TOP-40 destemmer-crushers and 2 TOP-80 destemmer-crushers with their own mohno pumps. Theese models have respectively hourly output of 40 and 80 ton/h.

Vinicola Aurora have chosen us also for the pressing phase. We’ve supplied a pneumatic press PPC-250 with closed tank and inert gas injection system. This model have a capacity of 250 hectoliters and it’s complete of double hermetic door, electropolished draining channels and PLC for the complete management of all working phases.

Lastly, we’ve supplied some liquid pumps such as a lobular pump PL-25 and a flotation unit COMPACT CLEAR 300.

We’re proud of partnership like this because prove that Enoveneta is a reliable partner also for industrial wine producers.